Media Monitoring

TechMIS METRIC™ (Monitoring ● Engagement ● Tailored Reporting ● Information Collection)

TechMIS has created a holistic, trade-marked approach to media monitoring called METRIC™.  METRIC™ is a news collection and briefing approach that combines today's cutting-edge news collection technology with hands-on human intelligence to create succinct and relevant news products.

Key Advantages offered by TechMIS

The depth and breadth of our news sources ensures complete and real-time capture of relevant and pertinent news.

  • Proven track record of supporting high profile customers in highly dynamic news environments.
  • Proven news infrastructure in place with established tools and techniques.
  • Time-tested, deadline-driven analysts ready and available to support this effort.
  • Access to an unparalleled body of news sources. These sources, collectively, represent the capability to capture news on a local, state, regional, national and global scale.
  • Excellent, established news harvesting platform with the flexibility to add, remove or modify keywords and adjust search syntax and terminology.
  • Access to social media and related content.
  • Our distributed products are mobile friendly.
  • Exceptional 24/7 customer service. We are flexible and responsive!

Extensive Sources

The depth and breadth of our news sources ensures complete and real-time capture of relevant and pertinent news.

The TechMIS team has access to an unparalleled body of domestic and international news sources numbering in the hundreds of thousands. These sources, collectively, represent news capture on a local, state, regional, national and global scale.

  • Government (16,300+) – local and federal government websites (such as the State Department and the White House).
  • News (40,000+) – large and small newspapers, trade press, magazines, television and radio, online news sources and wire services.
  • Broadcast coverage (2000+) local, state,  national and international outlets.
  • Policy (8,500+) - think tanks, advocacy groups, trade associations.
  • Blogs (400,000+).
  • Social Media – Twitter and Facebook.

Specific media sources can be added to our standard search criteria at the customer's request at any time.

News Analytics

TechMIS offers a variety of quantitative and qualitative analytical and reporting capabilities. Our analysts can perform and graph sentiment scoring in a variety of insightful ways. These graphs are an extremely helpful tool to help uncover and highlight notable occurrences and trends.

METRIC keywords

METRIC sentiment

Our news monitoring and harvesting platform provides our analysts the ability to perform trend analysis on topics and keywords.

Our analysts have the ability to analyze the tone/sentiment of a particular topic or storyline and chart how it changes over time. These tonal analyses can include any date range and extend as far back as the contract start date.

Insight into the content we include is just a click away. Real-time logging keeps track of how many times a particular article was viewed so that content can be tailored to best suit the readership. Real-time metrics such as the geographic distribution of clicks and other intuitive graphs and charts are always ready-at-hand.